iTub Gallery features the highest quality bath tub and bathroom brands available online and through our expansive showroom and wholesale distribution center in San Diego, CA.

iTub Gallery is on a mission to transform the bathroom into the ultimate relaxation experience. To create an Oasis retreat...

Oasis - an isolated area in a desert or wasteland, made so by the presence of water; a place of sanctuary; a quiet, peaceful place away from busy, noisy places; a refuge of serenity amid chaos.

Nothing feels as relaxing or luxurious as lazing in a tub as you soak away the pressures of every day life. iTub provides bathtubs to enhance any bathing environment - from soothing to stimulating, ultra-deep to ultra-chic, Victorian romantic to trendy modern designs.

Design styles include Clawfoot, Cast Iron, Soaking, Built-in and more. Colors, shapes and finishes are practically limitless. Featuring the latest bathtub hydrotherapy technology including Whirlpool Massage, Air Jets, and Home Spas.

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