Cheviot Balmoral Cast Iron BathtubCheviot Balmoral is a single-size line of oval free-standing cast iron bathtubs.
  • Oval dimensions:
    69” x 28”
  • Operating gal.: 46

The Cheviot Balmoral features a white porcelain enamel interior and is available in a range of custom exterior colours including Putnam Ivory and Raintree Green.

The Cheviot Balmoral bathtub is built for use with wall-mount or free-standing faucets. Faucet drillings are not included.
Cleaning and Installation Instructions:

  • Clean Cheviot Bathtubs using liquid soap and a soft cloth. Products such as Vim, Fantastic, Spic & Span and Mr. Clean must not be used as they may damage the finish.
  • Tub and pedestal are separate units. Place the pedestal onto the tub and secure by tightening the four bolts provided through the slots on the bottom of the bath. Do not tighten the bolts down completely until you have manoeuvred the pedestal into the "best fit" position.
  • It is normal if there is a slight gap between the tub and pedestal. To eliminate the gap place a bead of silicone adhesive around the joint. This will secure the two pieces together and to give a "finished" look. Once the siliconing has been done leave the tub for 24 to 48 hours to allow it to cure properly.
  • Rough-in dimensions may vary +/- ½” and are subject to change.

Cheviot Balmoral Cast Iron Bathtub

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