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Duravit Blue Moon is a line of two sizes of bathtubs and whirlpools that have a square exterior and a circular interior.
  • Square dimensions:
    1.4 x 1.4 to 1.8 x 1.8 meters
Duravit Blue Moon bathtubs and whirlpools are made of a top quality 5mm sanitary acrylic with a White Alpin finish that is reinforced with fibre glass. Duravit Blue Moon bathtubs are available with elegant wood or acrylic panels, as a corner, wall or free-standing model.

With an immersion depth of 510 mm, the Duravit Blue Moon tub allows for more water (up to 192 gal. in the l.8m model) and more room. Because only the user’s back touches the tub, a feeling of pleasant weightlessness takes over which becomes more pronounced in the 1.8m version of the Duravit Blue Moon tub. Duravit Blue Moon bathtubs also come with optional LED coloured lights with remote controls in white or chrome so you can enjoy the ultimate in mystical luxury.

Installation tips:
  • There must be no floor heating below the bathtub.
  • Install bathtubs with panelling after tiling.
  • Install bathtubs without panelling either before or after tiling.
  • System components might protrude beyond the rim of the bathtub. Installation in a bathtub casing is recommended.
  • As a result of the manufacturing process, deviations from the specified nominal dimensions are possible. Please take this into account during planning.
  • Connect the inlet and outlet according to current standards and local regulations.
  • Ensure that the connecting sleeve is flush with the floor.

Phone: (866) 455-0720 | sales@iTubGallery.com