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Zuma Corner C Compact Luxury BathtubMade to fit into small spaces, the Zuma Corner C Compact Luxury Bathtub is a left-side tapered bath tub that can be expanded into a whirlpool or air bath.

The Zuma Corner C compact bathtub is designed with thicker sides for longer heat retention. A high density platform bath with whirlpool or air bath features including low profile jets, gentle wave mode, a 1 HP variable speed motor, dual suction systems, a silenced air induction system, and low water level shut-off protection.

Corner C Series (Left Corner)

  • Tub Size: 72" X 48" X 21"
  • Whirlpool Operating Gallons: 70
  • Gallons to Overflow: 105


  • Install product according to the Zuma Owners Manual and local codes.
  • All units with an Airbath III may be 1 1/2 - 2 1/2" higher than stated.
  • All whirlpool or Airbath units require an access panel.
  • Hot water supply should be 65-75% of tub capacity or greater.
  • Always consult your local plumber for recommendations as installations will vary.

Zuma Corner C Compact Luxury Bathtub

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