Herbeau Eugenie is a line of single-size oval clawfoot acrylic bathtubs.

  • Oval dimensions:
    68 7/8" x 29 7/8"
  • Max. operating gal.: 55

Herbeau Eugenie is a line of oval clawfoot bathtubs with roll rims designed and built by century-old French sanitary ware producers Herbeau. Made of lightweight, durable acrylic that is polyester reinforced, Herbeau Eugenie’s clawfoot tub has all the old-world charm of the past plus the technological convenience of the present. Its light weight makes it perfect for 2nd floor homes or muli-level dwellings. While Herbeau Eugenie’s decorative and practical clawfeet come only in white, the tub itself can be customized with one of any twelve classic patterns. Specify left or right side drain installation on hand-painted orders.

Cleaning tips:

  • Use non-abrasive soap or diluted liquid dishwashing detergent (but not if it contains alcohol). Under no circumstances should rough, abrasive or acidic cleaners be used.

Herbeau Eugenie Clawfoot Bathtub

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