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Herbeau Marie Louise is a single-size line of clawfoot cast iron slipper style bathtubs.

  • Slipper dimensions:
    61" x 30 1/8"
  • Max. operating gal.: 64

Herbeau Marie Louise is a line of clawfoot slipper style cast iron bathtubs designed and built by century-old French sanitary ware producers Herbeau. What could be more relaxing than the smooth curves and high back rest of Herbeau’s Marie Louise tub?

Herbeau Marie Louise brings the ambience of Versailles to the bath. The fanciful clawfeet are available in nine different styles and the bath itself can be customized with one of any twelve classic, hand-painted designs. Specify left or right side drain installation on hand painted Herbeau Marie Louise orders.

Cleaning tips:

  • Use non-abrasive soap or diluted liquid dishwashing detergent (but not if it contains alcohol).
  • Under no circumstances should rough, abrasive or acidic cleaners be used.

Herbeau Marie Louise Cast Iron Bathtub

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