Hoesch Midi Oval Bathtub

Hoesch Midi is a line of six variations of oval built-in and freestanding acrylic bathtubs.


Hoesch Midi is a line of six variations of oval acrylic bathtubs built in Germany to the highest standards of hygiene, durability and ease of maintenance. Hoesch’s Midi line has a sleek, simple design meant to harmonize with its environment. Hoesch Midi tubs, with their soft, curved lines, look compact from the outside, while the ergonomically designed interiors with central outflow comfortably seat two people provide more than sufficient room to relax and stretch out. Hoesch Midi built-in tubs are available in right and left-hand corner versions, with or without separate aprons. Hoesch Midi freestanding tubs come with exterior panelling.

Hoesch Midi tubs can be customized with up to eight Hoesch whirlpool systems, depending on the model.

  • Oval dimensions: 1750 x 950mm to 1870 x 920mm
  • Max. operating litres: 155-160

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