Hoesch Philippe Starck Designed Bathtub

Hoesch Phillipe Starck is a line made of two editions of oval acrylic bathtubs built in Germany to the highest standards of hygiene, durability and ease of maintenance. Hoesch Philippe Starck Edition 1 echoes the classic wooden tub with its modern form. Hoesch Philippe Starck Edition 1 is available freestanding with a towel rail or as a built-in tub. Hoesch Philippe Starck Edition 2 is the avant-garde continuation of this same nostalgic idea. This model is places on two wooden pillars to give a playful reminder of the wooden original. Hoesch Philippe Starck Edition 1 built-in tubs can be customized by one of any eight Hoesch whirlpool systems. The freestanding version offers one of two Hoesch whirlpool systems. Hoesch Philippe Stark Edition 2 are tub-only.Hoesch Philippe Starck is a line of two editions, including six variations of two sizes of oval acrylic bathtubs by designer Philippe Starck.
  • Oval dimensions: 1750 x 800mm to 1800 x 900mm
  • Max. operating litres: 125-165


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