American Standard Princeton bathtubs are made with Americast®, American Standard’s proprietary and revolutionary alternative to cast iron. Americast is more durable, 50% lighter and costs less to install than cast iron and thanks to their inherent manufacturing advantages, Americast bathtubs can be made deeper, flatter and roomier than their cast iron counterparts.

All American Standard Princeton bathtubs are ADA compliant and come complete with glossy, acid resistant porcelain finish, integral lumbar support, bevelled headrest, full slip-resistant surface, seat installed at head end and end drain outlet. All American Standard bathtubs are available in the full range of shades: White, Linen, Arctic, Bone and Black.

Some American Standard Princeton bathtubs, such as the American Standard Princeton Integral Apron Bath w/Ledge Overflow, come with recessed bath with integral apron and tilling flange, included drain stopper and escutcheon and extra wide ledge for placement of toiletries.

All this taken together, American Standard’s Princeton bathtubs are as practical as their simple, clean-lined style is attractive when paired with a wide variety of bathroom styles.


American Standard Princeton Bathtubs

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