Hoesch Scelta Luxury Bathtub

Hoesch Scelta is a line of single-size acrylic corner bathtubs built in Germany to the highest standards of hygiene, durability and ease of maintenance. The round outer edge of the Hoesch Scelta tub is the result of a reduction of form leading to what is most essential in design. The simplify and subtle drama of the Hoesch Scelta tub makes it the perfect option to complement a wide range of bathroom styles. That and the wide bathtub rim is the ideal place to put bathroom accessories. Hoesch Scleta is avalaible built-in, with a separate apron or with an integrated apron.

For extra enjoyment, all Hoesch Scelta tubs can be customized by one of any eight Hoesch whirlpool systems.

Hoesch Scelta is a single-size line of three varieties of acrylic corner bathtubs.

  • Corner dimensions: 1540 x 1540mm
  • Max. operating litres: 347

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