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Kaldewei Sento is a line
of two sizes of classic
four-corner, single-seater soaking tubs.

1700 x 800 to
1800 x 800 mm

Operating gal.: 35-37

For over 90 years now, the Kaldewei brand has dedicated itself to environmental sustainability. Kaldewei’s European-styled, high quality, enamel bathtubs are all made from natural materials, which means that every one of our 3.5 mm steel enamel bathtubs can be recycled at the end of its lifespan. Your old bath can be used directly as a raw material to make steel. What better way to feel good about your bathing experience?

Kaldewei Sento’s smooth elegance and classic design compliments and enhances the style of any bathroom. The wide, ergonomic backrest provides ample comfort for the single bather, and the tapering interior contours of the Kaldewei Sento four-corner bath with foot end drain allow for economical water consumption. Chrome handles and an optional anti-slip surface make getting in and out a breeze.

Installation Instructions:

The floor must be level to ensure a proper installation without a Kaldewei bathtub base frame.

When planning or building the facing or the framework for the bathtub, particular attention must be paid to dimensional accuracy.

When connecting the bathtub to the local waste system, take into account an adequate slope to the drain and check the proper fit of pipe connections.

When installing the bathtub, make sure to protect the bathtub surface and casing, as well as the walls and floor tiles from damage. Avoid excess debris of any kind, especially that which might clog the drain pipe.

Kaldewei Sento

Phone: (866) 455-0720 |