Hoesch Single Bath Tub

Hoesch Single Bath Uno has a rectangular shape with rounded corners. It’s spacious interior and ergonomic internal backrests ensure the bather’s comfort and relaxation. Hoesch Single Bath Uno is available built-in, freestanding, freestanding with decorative platform made of genuine wood in walnut or black oak or slate veneer, and freestanding with underlay in the same finishes.

Hoesch Single Bath is a line of single and dual acrylic bathtubs built in Germany to the highest standards of hygiene, durability and ease of maintenance.
Hoesch Single Bath Duo has over standard inner dimensions and a novel, triangular shape with rounded corners. The perfect arrangement for two bathers. Hoesch Single Bath Duo is available in right and left-hand models for built-in, freestanding, freestanding with platform and freestanding with underlay bathtubs in the same finishes as Hoesch Single Bath Uno.

For extra enjoyment, all Hoesch Single Bath built-in tubs can be customized by one of any seven Hoesch whirlpool systems and all Hoesch Single Bath freestanding tubs can be customized with one of any four Hoesch Whirlpool systems.

  • Hoesch Single Bath is a line of acrylic bathtubs for one or two persons.
  • Hoesch Single Bath Uno: 1766 x 750mm to 1798 x 782mm
  • Hoesch Single Bath Duo: 1786 x 1161mm to 1798 x 1173mm
  • Max operating litres: 165 - 265

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