Duravit Sundeck is a line of fourteen variations of four sizes of rectangular acrylic bathtubs.

  • Rectangular dimensions:
    1.9 x 0.9 to 2.2 x 1.415 meters
  • Max. operating gal.: not available

Duravit Sundeck bathtubs are made of top quality 5mm sanitary acrylic that is reinforced with fibre glass and comes with a White Alpin finish. Designed by EOOS and available built-in or with support frame for a furniture panel, Duravit Sundeck bathtubs can be set up wherever there is a hot water connection: in the bathroom, living room or terrace. The practical cover keeps the bathwater at a desirable temperature and folds together to become a comfortable headrest or closed to create a relaxing lounger. Three whirl cycles – Power, Relax and Emotion – use water, air, or a combination of the two to create a bubbling surface. The optional underwater coloured lights are controlled by a water-resistant remote control. Tub panelling is available in real wood or wood décors.

Duravit Sundeck Spa Bathtub

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Phone: (866) 455-0720 | sales@iTubGallery.com