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Zuma Freestanding CD Luxury BathtubThe Zuma CD Series of freestanding bath, whirlpool and air bathtubs is ergonomically designed for added bathing comfort. Manufactured with thicker sides, Zuma acrylic bath tubs hold heat longer for a more pleasing and therapeutic experience.

High density platform bath with whirlpool or air bath features including low profile jets, gentle wave mode, a 1 HP variable speed motor, dual suction systems, a silenced air induction system, and low water level shut-off protection.

Freestanding bath platform not included.


  • Install product according to the Zuma Owners Manual and local codes.
  • All units with an Airbath III may be 1 1/2 - 2 1/2" higher than stated.
  • All whirlpool or Airbath units require an access panel.
  • Hot water supply should be 65-75% of tub capacity or greater.
  • Always consult your local plumber for recommendations as installations will vary.

Zuma Freestanding CD Luxury Bathtub

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