Duravit Inipi Home Sauna

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Duravit Inipi Home SaunaDuravit Inipi is a line of ten styles of in-home saunas with showers.
  • Sauna dimensions:
    1.8 x 1.17 to 3.35 x 1.186 meters
Duravit Inipi German designed in-home saunas are named for the Lakota North American “Inipi” sweat lodges in which hot stones were used to generate heat. From this ancient form of sauna, the EOOS design team developed an innovative sauna concept for Duravit that is compact, transparent and inviting. Inipi’s fully glazed front is incredibly chic and particularly effective in the bathroom and living area. The importance of bathing rituals for ‘ceremonial cleansing and physical well-being’ is brought up-to-date with all the energy and learning of the past. Now, the sauna utilises concealed technology to present this bright, transparent design. The glass cabin stands on a wooden frame and is illuminated by LED strip lights, creating an oasis of relaxation and beauty. Duravit’s Inipi line are not only saunas, but includes generous shower areas.

Duravit Inipi saunas come in back-to-wall, corner and freestanding models with shower connections in the front, right or left.

Phone: (866) 455-0720 | sales@iTubGallery.com