Duravit Multifunctional Shower

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Duravit Seadream Tub and Shower SetDuravit Multifunctional Shower is a line of four variations of single-size clear glass showers.

  • Shower Dimensions:
    1.8 x 1.1 meters

Duravit Multifunctional Showers are revolutionary in form, function and effect. Designed by Jochen Schmiddem and available in back-to-wall, fitted-to-wall, corner left and corner right models in clear glass with wooden benches for two people.


Duravit Multifunctional Showers come with a shower, steam bath, massage function and water hose all controlled by an aluminum panel mounted directly onto the tiles.


Temperature settings can be adjusted and different features selected using a 5-way diverter. One can enjoy an overhead rain shower or a gushing shower that produces waterfall-like effects just as easily as switching to the relaxing hand-held shower head. The water hose stimulates the muscles, and ten massage jets relax tense neck, shoulder and back muscles. The shower steam generator creates a dense cloud of steam without a long wait, and features five programs that regulate the maximum temperature and the duration of the steam bath.

Phone: (866) 455-0720 | sales@iTubGallery.com