Duravit Starck X is a line of twelve variations of two sizes of rectangular acrylic bathtubs.

  • Rectangular dimensions:
    1.8 x 0.9 to 2.32 x 1. 42 meters
  • Max. operating gal.: 79 - 125

Duravit Strack X bathtubs are made of top quality 5mm sanitary acrylic that is reinforced with fibre glass and comes with a White Alpin finish. More than luxury, Starck X by designer Philippe Starck maximizes minimalism to create a unique and incomparable tub.

In mathematics the letter X stands for an “unknown” figure. In the Chinese Taoism, it represents elevation to deity. In bath design, it represents the start of a new era.

Duravit Starck X bathtubs come built in or freestanding with one, two or no backrest slopes. Models are available with original design, special handled stones on the bathtub overflow or wooden inlays for tub trench. With Duravit Starck X bathtubs, because overflowing water is not a problem, bathers can immerse their entire body.

Duravit Starck X Bathtubs

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